Massage, Reiki, Reflexology

Get Blissed! 

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Aches, pains, tension, tiredness, depression, fatigue or general “ickyness”?

We Can Help

Bring a new level of wellness into your daily life with a healing massage, reflexology or reiki treatment to balance and nurture your body. Take a break and relax and rest with Solus, where your body has a chance to heal, your mind to rest and heart to be nurtured. We believe relaxation is key to the resolution of many modern day ailments and relaxation is what we do best.

Why Solus?

It’s not just the excellent customer service, the attention to detail or the consistently high level of care, we know our competitors can provide these things as well. Our unique offering is in the makeup of our treatments, a fusion between traditional eastern healing, western science and intuitive wisdom which enables us to provide you with a truly holistic care model.

Owner operator and therapist Yasi, has more than 10 years of experience in helping people feel better, across a broad range of modalities and is passionate about combining passive treatments ie massage and reflexology with tools that you can take home and use yourself (eg, meditation, yoga, stretches and nutrition) so that you are involved in your own healing. A Solus treatment looks at the whole of you, body, mind and soul, and balance is sought out and offered back to you.

Visit our blissful healing spaces in MILTON, BRISBANE, or call us on 0406 606 368 to discuss one off or regular visits to your office or workplace.

Relax, let us help.